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Welcome to the Happening Wikia

The happening wiki is your best online resource to prepare for the impending nuclear holocaust, climatic disaster, or local refugee chimpout.

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Types of Happenings

Climate Disaster (CAT-6)

Climate disasters come in all shapes and sizes, we are only concerned about major tsunamis, earthquakes, or an asteroid hitting the Earth.

Nuclear Warfare (CAT-5)

Nuclear War takes when all hope is lost. This is the hardest of all happenings to survive besides a CAT-6 on the Happening scale (major climatic disaster). This is usually instigated when a superpower is on the verge of economic collapse or a false flag event occurs.

Global Epidemic (CAT-4)

A global epidemic is when a lethal disease spreads across the world causing mass panic and hysteria. This is usually followed by mass vaccinations and revoking of civil rights.

Race War (CAT-3)

race war refers to hostilities between ethnic groups divided on the basis of racial group or other ethnic classification. The term may refer to specific violent acts or to general hostilities between ethnic groups. Some philosophers including Karl Pearson have offered social Darwinism as an argument for race war.

Economic Collapse (CAT-2)

The severity of an economic collapse can vary. As it can with a terror attack. If large enough, this will usually be followed by mass civil unrest and a declaration of martial law.

Terror Attack (CAT-1)

Terror attacks are known as pre-happenings (they lead to much greater happenings) and can be used by a nation to justify going to war.

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